Airsoft Club Maggots is a relatively new team in Estonian Airsoft scene but during a short time quite a lot of new enthusiasts hav joined up and the young team has overgrown many established teams.

Short history:

During the winter of 2010 a few guys (who had already played airsoft for some time) needed to quickly come up with a name for the team, as this was required to participate in a winter night game. Making a slight stab against themselves for being green and inexperienced, a name emerged that struck a chord immediately - Maggots.

The newly formed team went and took second place in a very harsh and tough game. We're pretty sure that we were even more surprised than the other more established teams.

From that point on the team started to grow steadily, recruiting friends and colleagues and accepting other players who were without a group to play with. Notable expansion of members happened after airsoft was introduced to the LARP'ing community.


That's about it, we'll try to keep it simple.