First Beta ended

Hey there – private Sprot reporting again.

First DG Beta ended last saturday. It had a full no-down-time run and a lot of fun. We started with alliance called Spaceballs but in later game we merged with Kursaal and created an alliance called Baltic Flyers Alliance. We had quite many former BR members joined up and together with Kursaal we were high up there (3rd or 4th place).

To me it was a get-to-know-again round. Didn’t know all the tweaks and new improvements in the game and there are changes still goming  – this is a Beta. But it is playable game.

So.. currently we are testing in Beta 2 round – if you are interested then the alliance this round is Squadron Of Ladies.

Over and out.

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DarkGalaxy Beta


the game we used to love and play is doing its comeback. It has reached to Beta phase. So if you are interested check out

Lot has changed but it still feels right 😀

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Brigade in World of Tanks

Bloodthirsty brigadiers have been spotted in action-MMO game "World of Tanks"
Come and say hi to our massive guns!

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and in other news…

pvt.Batu invaded a weird shaped country that looks like crocodile jaws. Asking around, he found out that place is called is "Cro-a-ti-a".

But, even considering this nation’s obsession with crocs, he didn’t see any… probably.

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"Age-long territorial dispute and turmoil in the region settled when in the middle of another political summit between warring regions out of nowhere came long-haired sweating and cursing guy, who said that everybody can suck his *beep* and this *beeping* place no belongs to *beeping* Brigade.
Everybody agreed and went home."

pvt.Dragonath took India. Brigade HQ still doesn’t know if this was such a good idea…
At least it looks good on the map, so thanks, trooper!

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Fallen Earth

Brigade is as of today also represented in Fallen Earth – a post-apocalyptic MMO/FPS
So if you see us, just smile and wave and back away veeeery slowly!

Fist ones in are Paganarh and Purda

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Foothold on Black Continent established!

Heroically ignoring heat and dust, fending off annoying shopkeepers and demonic children, pvt. Kartulz has established a foothold on a new continent! Egypt fell under his thundering footsteps! Check the picture and map.

Furthermore, to quell unrest in Brigade-annexed Philippines, lt.Ghil valiantly (and voluntarily) traveled there to calm restless masses. People again welcome their Brigade overlords!

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Brigade expands its territories

New chunk of land conqured, this time Czech Republic! They didn’t offer much resistance…
Also, our foothold in France is reinforced by taking Strasbourg!

check out the pics and map under Propaganda

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Infinite Conflict

New Galaxies await conquering in Infinite Conflict Command Module! It is possible that it will replace our well-proven, but out-dated Dark Galaxy Command Module. Beta just started, so every trooper is invited to join the testing phase.

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Massive invasions

This summer has been really busy for Brigade troopers, claiming more and more backwater countries under our crushing hand!
New conquests are: Iceland, Malta, Lithuania, Poland, Italy. Plus to tighten our grip on brits and potheads, England and Netherlands again.
Conquest map is getting prettier by weeks, keep the pressure on!

As always, proof and status map can be seen in our World Conquest section.

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